CyberPunk 2020 FDE & Lifepath Generators

Fast & Dirty Expendable (FADE)     [Instructions]

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Lifepath Generator     [Instructions]

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Family Background
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Copies of the Programs

Currently, the programs on this site are only available as web based programs. When I originally wrote the applications, it was my intention to make them available as web apps, not as stand-alone applications. In the future I may take the time to convert them to regular applications but I have no firm plans for doing so. If someone so desires, the source code is available and can be downloaded for conversion as noted on the right.

Source Code

The source code for both of these utilities has been released under the GNU General Public License. Details of that license are included in the package. You can get a copy of the Source Code and Data Files. The distributed package will not compile "as is". The original program was designed with the cgic C library from The source is written in C++.

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