CP2020 Lifepath Generation Program

Age:   Starting:      Final: Maximum of 40 years difference
Options: Origins & Personal Style
Family Background
Life Events

Program Information

The Lifepath program is modeled after the standard Lifepath Generation charts in the Cyberpunk 2020 Manual. However, I modularized the sections and allowed each to be enabled or disabled via the options checkboxes.

Furthermore, I allowed for entry of abnormal age ranges since characters may not always start at age 16 or may start older than the normally allowed 28. The program will only output 40 years of life events to keep the size of the data returned at a manageable level. Should you need more life events than 40, you may disable everything but the life events field and resubmit for the additional years.

Two boxes of the standard generation from the text are not included. These are "What are you going to do about it?" from the Big Problem/Disaster Strikes response table and the "Whatcha' Gonna Do About It?" table in the Enemy section. I dislike being told how my PC responds. Should you desire that information, you will need to consult the appropriate tables and add the information into the appropriate section for your character.

Beyond those minor changes, the program follows the standard path. Hopefully, it'll be of use to you and your players when you need quick lifepaths. -- Mark

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Updated: June 28, 1999
Established: June 8, 1998
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